A little bit of history

The Silver Moon Restaurant was founded in 1987 with 10 year experience in hands of the Esposito family, that has catering in their blood. It was their restaurant that was the first to open on the large beach in Amalfi, created in the golden 60's inside the Flavio Gioia beach resort.

Flavio Gioia was a real institute for Amalfi. Wanted by forefather Nicola, emigrate returned home from America, he was inspired by the colors of the American flag: red and white stripes for the beach huts and umbrellas, with a blue roof. The Flavio Gioia was the first (one of the first) resorts fully equipped in the Campania region.

Keeping in touch with the needs of an always growing and more demanding cliental, Mamma Rita pushed to open a restaurant that offered the best pizza in Amalfi. The secrete of success was a family recipe for light but fragrant pizza dough that she passed on to her daughters. Today that recipe is keep and diligently used primarily by Nunzia, one of the owners of the Silver Moon restaurant along with her sister Mata.

At the end of the 1980's the Flavio Gioia was divided between the three heirs and the Silver Moon was born and occupies the central and best part of the beach. The restaurant was occupied right away by tourists, vacationers and even local people from Amalfi who prefer dishes prepared with fresh genuine ingredients, convenience and a friendly warm atmosphere. Some favorite dishes are the linguine alla Silver Moon and desserts by Nunzia.

Today the Silver Moon is a restaurant that offers dishes made from products that are found in the fantastic Amalfi Coast. Picked fresh everyday from fish to vegetables and fruits from local suppliers selected throughout the years. The fish is caught fresh everyday from the area such as: scorpion fish, red snapper, turbot, sea bream, lobster; From the earth we use the celebrated Amalfi lemons, the tender salads from the coastal gardens, local cherry tomatoes, fior di latte (mozzarella cheese) from Tramonti, extra virgin olive oil from Sorrento, fresh pasta and desserts made in house.

The restaurant is covered by a charming gazebo like ceiling surrounded with glass that can serve 40 people under cover and a platform on the beach that can serve another 30.

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